Before we begin working together, we will talk through the initial understanding of the issues, facts, goals and potential parties. Once I have an understanding of the facts, the laws involved, your goals and your constraints, I will propose a strategy that meets your needs within your budget.

You are in control of, and consulted on, all major decisions regarding your case. With my advice, you can choose to define the personal or business boundaries for your case.

If this sounds like the right fit for you, please contact me to discuss your legal needs.


The law is not cookie cutter. Each case is unique and that is why experience is crucial. I exercise steady judgment, advising professionals on where to spend their time and effort. We formulate rational strategies that best enhance the results you hope to achieve.

I also have working relationships with outside litigation support vendors, which can significantly reduce the overall cost of document discovery.  And, I have the flexibility to structure my fees to take into account the costs of work that I know will take significant amounts of time.  I welcome your help and expertise since you know the facts of your matter better than anyone on the planet.