I am well-versed in appellate practice.  Whether or not I handled the case in the trial court, I can take on your appeal.  I am familiar with appellate practice and procedures and I know how to craft a brief.  I have handled matters before single justices as well as full panels of appellate courts.  And, I have been fortunate to have been involved in the rare instance where a single justice has reported an interlocutory appeal to a full appellate bench.  I have argued cases of first impression before the Supreme Judicial Court and I have argued a case in the First Circuit where former Supreme Court Justice Souter was on the panel.  From this experience, I have learned how important it is to simplify and distill issues so that they can be explained quickly and concisely.  And, I have learned that your lawyer needs to know the record cold in order to always answer the judge's specific question.


Persuasion and advocacy is necessary in other forums as well.  Whether you are before a local zoning board, a state or federal administrative agency, or an industry-related organization like FINRA, I can help.  The key for working within these venues is to be well-prepared on the facts, to be able to educate on the law, and to be respectful of their particular procedures.