For Individuals

There are times when you may not need strict legal advice but instead the wisdom and skills that someone who has practiced law for a quarter of a century can offer.  Perhaps you need someone to help you craft a letter in response to a billing or contract issue.  Maybe you need to talk through a work-related problem.  You might want a second opinion on how to handle a career move.  Or maybe you just need help in finding a good lawyer.  Having someone who is impartial, non-judgmental, and who will treat your matter confidentially, can be an invaluable ally.  For a reasonable fixed fee, you can have this service.  

For Businesses

A good General Counsel does more than provide legal advice, a good General Counsel understands your business and the competitive environment in which you operate.  That way, a good General Counsel can provide that combination of business and legal advice that can make the difference between financial success or ruin.  If you don't have a General Counsel, I will coordinate and help to provide the kind of consulting advice that you need to be successful, all for one fixed monthly fee.  

If you are a General Counsel, there may be times when you need the down and dirty answer to a question that you will not be able to get from the larger law firm that has layers of lawyers.  By establishing an ongoing relationship, I can provide the kind of service that you would expect from the person down the hall.  And, by having it as a fixed monthly fee, it will help you to control costs. 

For Other Lawyers

Even lawyers need help.  I have extensive experience in working with out-of-state lawyers who have cases in Massachusetts and can provide both the traditional local counsel as well as substantive advice and support.  Or you may be in need of support in terms of helping to draft a brief, to ready a witness, or to moot argue an appeal.  In fact, you may find that seeking assistance on any discrete task may be more cost efficient and profitable for you if you are assured of a fixed cost.  

For Everyone

I can be your settlement counsel.  Too often the dynamics of litigation are such that the attorney handling the matter is constrained about when to make a settlement approach to the other side.  As settlement counsel, I can make the approach and attempt to get the case into mediation or negotiation on a business-like basis, without the posturing that too often accompanies a litigation.  I can also work internally with you and your litigation counsel to assess when a settlement approach makes sense, what a reasonable settlement might look like, and how to get there.