My experience traverses many industries. What unites my clients is a mutual desire for fair, professional dispute resolution. If you crave results from a business litigation attorney who is thoughtful, creative, articulate and who puts out a top-quality work product, then I invite you to contact me.

Below are some of my notable victories as a Boston-area business litigation attorney.

Lead Counsel in Appeal to Massachusetts Supreme Court

I was lead counsel in a case that presented an important Massachusetts securities law issue to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court for the very first time. In that case, I represented a profit sharing plan and trust. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court agreed with our legal arguments and used the case to set forth what a plaintiff needs to prove in order to bring a case under the Massachusetts Securities Act.  

Defense Attorney for High Tech Employer

Successfully represented tech-related company in non-compete case against former sales employees.

Resolved Challenge to Condo Bylaws

Won a victory in Appeals Court on behalf of a client challenging a condominium board's actions outside of its bylaws.

Negotiated Outstanding International Transactions

Negotiated the payment of all fees owed on behalf of a tech company that was owed money by a company located in Africa.

Defense Attorney for International Software Client

After being sued as part of a class action in federal court, an Australian software developer retained me as its U.S. counter-part to its Australian-based defense team. I facilitated a mediated settlement, which was ultimately approved by the court, and helped to resolve issues surrounding insurance and indemnification issues.

Professional Litigation for Financial Fraud Disputes

In two separate actions, I helped to represent two pension funds (one public and one private) in claims the funds brought against their custodian bank after the pension funds lost tens of millions of dollars resulting from an investment manager’s fraud. After extensive litigation, the clients resolved their claims through mediation to their satisfaction.

Defending Client in Massachusetts Land Court Appeal

I prevailed before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on an interlocutory appeal in a case of first impression regarding whether a defendant had preserved its right to a jury trial in the Land Court.

Business Mitigation Succeeds in Trial

As lead counsel, my client won on all counts in a bench trial regarding a dispute over the sale of a business. The purchaser alleged being misled about revenues during the due diligence phase with his client being awarded damages, legal fees, interest and the return of certain equipment.

Defending Commercial Property Owner Against Bank Injustice

My client received a favorable jury verdict, including a finding that a bank committed an unfair and deceptive act or practice, for commercial property owners.

Investment Property Protected Against Regulatory Agency

I helped a public client to successfully end probes commenced by the client’s regulatory agency and the Massachusetts Inspector General pertaining to the client’s renovation of an investment property.

Assisted Angel Investor in Protecting Interests

I assisted an angel investor in protecting the investor's interests in companies in which he invested.

Advised board members of duties to beneficiaries

Advised board members of a major retirement fund on duties owed to beneficiaries in connection with a potential investment in an entity run by state government.


Obtained favorable settlement enforcing noncompetition agreement against former employees who obtained and used confidential business information.  


Obtained appellate relief on behalf of a unit owner in connection with the interpretation of condominium bylaws.