Before we begin to work together, I will meet or talk with you to get an initial understanding of the issues, facts, goals and potential parties.  If we decide to work together, I will send you an engagement letter for your signature, which outlines our mutual obligations.  Once I have an understanding of the facts, the law involved, your goals, and your constraints, I will propose a strategy or strategies that meets your needs.

This is your case.  That means you are in control of, and consulted on, all major decisions.  This also means that you are in the driver seat with regard to how far you want to take the matter within your personal or business limits.

Good Communication is essential to the client-attorney relationship.  I endeavor to return all calls, emails and texts within 24 hours.  Remember, though, that sometimes a response requires significant thought and consideration, which can impact turn-around time.  In that case, I will let you know.

Working efficiently

Contrary to popular belief, law is not cookie  cutter.  Yes, there are forms that I use, but your case is unique and that is where experience comes into play.  I will exercise my best judgment in connection with your input, when it comes to deciding where to spend time and effort.  There is no sense in winning pyrrhic victories.  The objective is to formulate a rational strategy that best enhances the result you would like to achieve.

I also have working relationships with outside litigation support vendors, which can significantly reduce the overall cost of document discovery.  And, I have the flexibility to structure my fees to take into account the costs of work that I know will take significant amounts of time.  I welcome your help and expertise since you know the facts of your matter better than anyone on the planet.