My practice focuses on resolving disputes, minimizing your legal exposure, and helping to manage risk.  

My mission is to provide you with upper margin quality legal work, personalized service, and my very best effort on every matter.  

In over twenty-seven years of trying cases, arguing appeals, mediating disputes and providing common-sense advice, I know that success comes from intensive preparation and collaboration. 

I start from the premise that every case will go to trial and prepare accordingly since that maximizes a case's value or minimizes a defendant's risk.  But, I recognize that my role is to provide guidance and sound advice in every situation - even if that means telling you that your case or defense is weak.


Understand that your lawyer is a reflection on you.  My actions are guided by integrity, honesty and fairness.  If you seek a lawyer who grandstands, bullies, or bloviates, I am not your guy.

But, if you want results from a lawyer who is thoughtful, creative, articulate and who puts out a top quality work product, then I invite you to contact me.  

Whiffletree Chairlift, Sugarloaf, Maine

Whiffletree Chairlift, Sugarloaf, Maine

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